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The game controls are very fluid. Ice Tales is fun and additiveAppModo

Ice Tales

A Neo Retro Arcade Saga

Save the Penguins, Retro Arcade Style

Pendleton Penguin’s friends have been kidnapped by an evil ice queen. As he tries to rescue them, help him outmaneuver the queen’s complicated mazes by sliding and flying across distant icebergs, angry volcanoes and an evil palace.

Collect starfish, baskets of fish and other goodies to advance in your pursuit of defeating the queen. Along the way, conquer giant crabs, evil seals, hungry squid, angry sea birds and moonwalking polar bears to save the day and rescue your friends.

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Rave Reviews

As Featured on New and Noteworthy, May 2011

"Ice Tales is well executed and immensely entertaining…Ice Tales is worth it for the nostalgia alone." - Appletell

"What is old is new again, and this game is here to prove it." - 148 Apps

"First I love the music, then I love the gameplay. 4.5 out of 5 stars." - Nine over Ten

"Retro vibe, but it doesn't feel tired" - Gamezebo

"Ice Tales features cute characters and an offbeat storyline that entertained me." - AppAdvice

"Ice Tales is an enjoyable and fun casual gamer." - Appvader

"Ice Tales is a cute little retro maze game...certainly feels different enough to make a mark for itself on the App Store." - Appgamer.net

Classically Inspired Gaming

Old Meets New, Like Never Before

Collect things for points!
Can you save your friends?
Think fast!

Ice Tales is a classically inspired retro arcade game where old meets new. Ice Tales is made with iOS 4.x devices in mind. Using full screen swipe and tap controls, it includes full support for Game Center and Retina Display graphics right out of the box.

Full of challenging levels, dozens of achievements, an original 8-bit soundtrack and unique retro-cartoon graphics, Ice Tales is addictive to play. Ice Tales has settings for the casual gamer as well as more challenging settings for the avid gamer. Play it the way you like to play.


  • Journey across distant icebergs, angry volcanoes and an evil queen’s palace.
  • Collect starfish, baskets of fish and other goodies to make it through the queen’s evil mazes, earn bonuses and achievements.
  • Defend yourself from giant crabs, evil seals, hungry squid, angry sea birds, moonwalking polar bears and the ice queen herself.
  • Chapter select feature allows you to skip chapters of the game you’ve already completed or play them again for a better score.
  • Old made new again game play: Full screen swipe to move and tap to jump mimic classic arcade games in a responsive, fun way.
  • Challenging retro arcade game play with 3 difficulty settings for the casual gamer to the avid gamer.
  • Challenge your friends with Game Center integration.*
  • Take a trip back in time. Cute retro-cartoon graphics optimized for Retina Display.*
  • Original 8-bit soundtrack.
  • Dozens of achievements.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration.

Requires iOS 4.0 or later for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Requires iOS 4.2 for iPad.

* Game Center and Retina Display only available on iOS devices that support them.

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Tons of levels, Game Center, and Retina Display are just a few of the features that make this game amazingly appealing appDigity

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